Saturday, November 09, 2013

Last week we got to go somewhere I have wanted to go for a long time. Pompeii! The last time we were in Italy we were so busy seeing the sights of Rome that we didn't get time to go and visit, so I'm so glad we did this time round. I have always been a bit of a history lover, I even did one of my A levels in History, so it was amazing to visit such a historic and spectacular place.

It's very hard to get the scale and feeling of Pompeii across in picture form (It kind of just looks like a load of old rocks!) but I can assure you it was pretty breathtaking. The only teeny tiny thing I would complain about was the amount of tourists wondering about. Seriously, there were hundreds. And we didn't even go during peak season! We had to fight our way through crowds to see some of the most amazing sights, but coming from London we are pretty much experts at crowd manoeuvring!

Oh also, can I just be incredible British for a second and mention the weather! We were like, hello sun! Haha!



  1. I'm green with envy! I've always wanted to see Pompeii. It's on my life list of things to do and see. I'm so happy you got to see and experience it!

  2. magical place! thanks for sharing this beautiful photos :)


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