Sunday, November 03, 2013

 If I am totally honest with you, I have never really celebrated halloween. We never really went trick or treating as kids and there were never any halloween parties to go to! Horror films are definitely not my favourite genre, and when I am forced to watch one by my lovely husband, I am usually up for about 3 nights terrified.

However, I have always carved a pumpkin. Every single year without fail. As a child I used to always look forward to carving the pumpkin, helping to take all the yucky, slippery seeds out the centre and watch the candle shine through the little face carved into the front. This is definitely a tradition I want to continue with Alice. She loved watching me carve the face and laughed as I put all the seeds into the pot. And she is very proud of her new pumpkin friend.




  1. Aw, lovely post & pix as usual; I'm totally with you with the pumpkin thang and not so keen on the imported t or t we have now!

    Mummy's looking hot btw:-)


  2. Lovely photos! Thanks for linking up! x

  3. I've never carved a pumpkin! Shocking, I know! When aiden is bigger I will do this though!
    I LOVE that you and Alice are matching with your tops! Xo


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