She Cracks Me Up

Thursday, November 21, 2013

After wiping felt tip pen and chalk off of our walls for the 100th time, I decide to paint a chalk wall for Alice to draw on. Alice decides to draw on the floor instead...

I hand Alice a bowl of cereal in the kitchen and tell her to be very careful. She holds it out in front of her and walks very slowly and carefully to the front room muttering, "carefa, carefa...". On approaching the table, she quickly throws the bowl on the floor, turns to me and yells, "oh dear!"

At ballet, Alice is taught that pointed toes are "good toes" and toes that are clenched down are "naughty". She then decides to go around to all the other children, telling them their toes are, "naughty." Didn't go down too well in a room full of toddlers...

We carefully sprinkle glitter over our glue painted pictures. Alice is being particularly good and gestures to the floor. "Oh dear". She says. I look down to see a little glitter on the floor, which doesn't really matter, but it's sweet of her to point it out. Alice takes this opportunity to grab hold of the whole pot of glitter and flee at lightening speed into the kitchen, glitter pouring out across the floor, screaming at the top of her lungs. Great.

Every time I put something in front of her for dinner or lunch she will look at it, then at me and ask, "chocolate?"



  1. Hahaha what a little character, she seems very spirited and sweet! I'm loving the naughty toes quote.

  2. Haha this made me laugh out loud! She sounds like a lot of fun (and mess) hehe maybe you should try painting the whole house including floor with chalkboard paint problem solved haha x

  3. hahaha how cute!.... naughty toes! love it!


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