The Weekend

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

The weekend was very special. We had been away for Alice for one whole week, and that is a long long time I can tell you! So we were eager to spend as much time with her as possible before Dave had to go back to work. She was so excited to see us and we made sure we gave her lots of treats and cuddles, as well as presents from Italy.

The weather was against us, lots of rain and cold wind. But we did manage to get out to the park once or twice in our wellies and coats. I realised that I actually missed Autumn quite a lot while bathing in 27 degree sun. The trees are so pretty and everything looks so much more colourful and exciting. But most of all I am excited that Christmas is just round the corner!! We have been to a couple of "Christmas blogging event" thingy's this year too and it has just made me so excited to get out the tree and hang up the lights. 

Red berries. Don't they make you think of Christmas!! 
Alice love the Autumn too!
Why does she have to put her hands in it?! Because jumping in muddy puddles just isn't enough!
This is one of our neighbours front doors. I think I love it!



  1. Why must they insist on getting their hands in the mud?! Baby wipes at the ready! Hehe xo


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