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Saturday, December 07, 2013

Christmas is a welcome distraction this year. With all this business of trying (and failing) to get pregnant, it's just what we all need to make us feel a little happier. And less stressed. The most annoying thing is that stress is one of the biggest reasons for not getting pregnant, but how can you not feel stressed when you put so much effort in every month/day trying to make it happen only to end up exactly where you were the month before. Not pregnant! So I have been using Christmas as a way of distracting myself and my husband from this stress and instead focus on making it the best Christmas possible for Alice!

I feel like it's Alice's first Christmas this year! I think because last year she was too young to understand anything, whereas this year she is just amazed by every little thing. The lights on the tree, the decorations going up, seeing Father Christmas. She is so excited! 

I obviously can't get enough of taking photographs with little twinkling lights in the background, but thanks to the storm which has swept the UK, I can't seem to get the lighting right. These are the best I could get so far! 

Oh and if anyone else out there is ttc and understands the lingo... I'm 4dpo and dying to poas but know it would be a waste of money and effort. Why is the 2ww so haaaaaard???!



  1. Your Christmas touches are lovely & Alice is adorable as ever!!


  2. Fingers crossed for your bfp! x

  3. I hope you have good luck with ttc! So nice Alice can enjoy Christmas this year :-) x

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