M&S Christmas Jumper Portrait Project!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Ah, the good old Christmas jumper family portrait! I took these photos while out at the park the other week. We ran into a lovely little Christmas fair which I wrote about in my last post, and enjoyed some lovely fake snow. I was very tempted to hand the camera to someone else to get a shot of us under the snow, but I honestly don't think Alice would have stayed still for two seconds anyway! (You can see her struggling to escape in the top photo and the timer was only set to 5 seconds!)

I took these photos on behalf of the M&S Christmas Jumper Portrait Project. M&S do have the softest, prettiest knitwear and I have been a big fan of their kid's jumpers particularly for some time now! Their women's jumpers are also lovely and fantastic quality so will last all winter long (and even longer too!). And of course, do check out their men's jumpers, they do some brilliant Christmas jumpers with the most adorable motifs on them (shhh, don't tell Dave I called his jumper adorable. But... it is, right?) Haha!



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