Meeting Father Christmas!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

 Over the weekend, we took Alice to see Father Christmas! I was very excited about this, more so than Alice and definitely more so than Dave (He doesn't like Father Christmas... I know. Who IS this man I call my husband?!). We got much more than we anticipated we would from the experience as the owners of the farm had transformed the woodlands into a winter wonderland complete with lights, elves, reindeer and snowflakes.

Of course, Alice HATED Father Christmas with a passion. She wouldn't even look at him. It was so funny and I couldn't stop laughing, and I did expect it. So we literally went in, sat down, took a picture, and left. We were so thankful for the woodland walk before, or else that would have been such a wasted trip!

Alice made lots of new friends. She is so fun to watch play and other children just seem to copy her silly dance moves and pointing to the sky. There was a little playhouse in the queue and I think she enjoyed playing there more so than the actual woodland walk!

I know she didn't like Father Christmas, and I know she may be a little young to fully appreciate these things, but I am just so over excited to show her I can't stop myself! I love sharing the things with her that I enjoyed so much from my own childhood, and of course she will have lots and lots of pictures to look back on! Here are a few selected ones for the blog!

 Ah, I'm such a sucker for wrapped up, fresh Christmas trees waiting for a warm home and a string of twinkling lights!

 The "playhouse" was actually a little shed covered in pines and pine cones!

 Feeding the reindeer carrots and apples. 
 This was the wishing tree where children wrote down what they wanted for Christmas and the Elves would make their toys. 

 Not a fan. Not a fan at all! 

 Didn't mind the present though... 



  1. DS 20m was also not amused by a certain man in red & white, enough said!


  2. Aww bless her, my Abby was the same. He's pretty weird looking so I completely understand them!

  3. this post is fantastic, that place looks dreamy...and I know Alice! Santa can be scary hehehe

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