Tablets and toddlers...

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Janus Android 7" PC tablet came into our possession last week and has been a bit of a lifesaver for entertaining Alice. With it's 7 inch touch screen, it's perfect for her little toddler fingers to play games on or catch up on her cBeebies on the iPlayer. We have found it to be so useful in the early morning's (when playing hide and seek or with the dolls house proves too much effort at 5am!) and especially on those train rides into London and back. It's light, easy to use and we love how entertained it keeps Alice at times when she would otherwise be causing mischief.

The android comes in black or white and has a useful webcam on the front. We found it so easy to set up and were swiping away on it about 10 minutes after getting it out the packet! The apps we have on it at the moment are all child related, and free which is always a bonus. We do find the battery runs out after only a couple of hours, but as we use it as a occasional distraction for Alice, we don't really mind that!

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  1. Long life tablets digital technology. My children are very friants there also (I hope that my English is correct).
    Good day little Alice and his mother :o)

  2. When my husband and I having dinner in a nice place, I think that the tablet is best investment we've ever done. It's the only way to keep our daughter calm and quiet :-)


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