Winter Wonderland Hyde Park- Part 1

Friday, December 13, 2013

 Something we have done every year since Dave and I first met (about 6 years ago!) is visit hyde Park's Winter Wonderland in December. I have always loved it. Ok, it may be full of shops selling tacky Christmas nik naks, the music is always blasted out at every corner and of course, it's freeeeezing cold... but hey! It's Christmas! And now that we have the lovely Alice to entertain, our visits to Hyde Park are even better. We took her last year, but she was a little too young. This year was perfect.

Not only did Alice experience her first ever merry-go-round (or two...), she was fascinated by the lights, music and numerous food places spotted about the place. We danced, we rode on rides, we ate chocolate and gazed at the lights. It was the perfect start to the month of December!

You can see our last visit to Winter Wonderland here

Lots of pointing went on...

 This was Alice's first ever ride on a merry-go-round, so I rode with her. However, she soon got the hang of it and went solo on a much faster one...

 Nailed it!
Also, I didn't photograph the MAJOR crying fit/tantrum/meltdown she had when the ride ended and she had to get off! :( I have never seen her so upset before, and... this will sounds mean, but it made me smile a little, because that's how much she loved it!

 Love the smell of roasted chestnuts. HATE the taste. 
The "husband creche" sign below made us chuckle on the way home! 



  1. I love Winter Wonderland. We took my eldest last year. I'd love to go again this year but family is visiting us rather then us heading to them.

    It looked like Alice had a great time and you have some lovely pictures.

  2. Hyde park visit in winter time. I have always loved it. the music is always blasted out at every corner. It was the perfect start of this month.


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