Winter Wonderland- Part 2

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Just a few more pictures form the amazing Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. The more pictures I see, the more I miss it and want to go back! But it is definitely the sort of thing you should go to once a year thanks to the crowds and the fact that everything is a bit overpriced!

You can see part 1 of our trip here.
 Loved this little empty bar we found. It was so warm and we stayed there for about an hour just so we could feel our fingers again!
 Clapping to the music!
Showing off those dancing moves! 

 Nutella Pretzel. Need I say more...?
Oh, Alice loved it too! Yum yum!



  1. Never realised it was that good until your lovely blog posts; good seasonal fun & memories for all the family(want to go now:-)!



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