15 Week Bump Update!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I feel soooo much better. Seriously, all that yucky morning sickness has finally cleared and I feel clear and fresh and hungry! Haha! I still get the occasional bout of sickness, but I am able to eat more now and eat the right things too. Which means lots of fruit, fish, veggies and milk. I am on a mission to be healthy this pregnancy, not that I wasn't with Alice, but even more so this time. As the weather has started to clear up a bit, I have been able to get out every day for a walk (or run) in the park with Alice. To be honest, I'm sure this has helped a lot with the sickness.

I also feel very thirsty all the time so am having lots of water. But as water can get a little boring, I am have also been indulging on ice lollies a lot (not complaining!). I feel like my body has finally had a chance to recover and the usual pregnancy symptoms have caught up with me. I am craving sushi and citrus fruits like crazy. My lower back has been aching, but this is because my bump has been growing, and I am very happy about that!

I have also been able to start thinking about the future. About how things will work around here with two little ones instead of one. We are going to have a reshuffle in Alice's bedroom and see if we can fit two beds in it without it looking like a cupboard! And I am desperate to sort out the garden before I become too big to bend down let alone plant a flower. I feel a lot less nervous about the labour and new born bit this time around, which may be a little naive of me but time will tell...

But for now, I am concentrating very much on Alice and enjoying her company as much as I can. Her 2nd birthday is coming up on Saturday and I am very much looking forward to celebrating the start of her second year. The year she will become a big sister! EEK!



  1. Ah, you have such a cute bump already! :D Glad you are feeling so much better xx

  2. Glad you're feeling better this week! Cute little bump :) x


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