Brushing and Brushing...

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Alice loves brushing her teeth! She always asks for her "toof-bush" and loves scrubbing away at them. Every morning we go into the bathroom together and wash our faces then brush our teeth together. Then we do the same in the bath at the end of the day!

In regards to any tips I can get (as I know not every child is a fan of brushing their teeth!), I don't really have many! We do spend most of bath time brushing all of her toys teeth and I brush my teeth with her so she can copy. Other than that I think she just loves using the tooth brush!

If only potty training was that simple. The amount of wee I have moped off the floor recently is just... well. Ridiculous. It's like we have a little flood in our house all the time! I do hope we get the hang of it soon. Please?



  1. Calleigh loves brushing her teeth too, we struggled to get her to actually brush them at first (she used to just chew them to pieces, we've gone through so many) but she finally has the hang of it now, I had to make up a brushing song haha.
    Good luck for potty training!


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