Mother's Day and Country baskets

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Mother's Day is approaching soon (March 30th, don't forget!!). Since becoming a mother myself, I have really learned to appreciate just how much my own mother and nan have done for me over the years. Raising children is HARD WORK. No kidding! But it is also worth every nappy change, every tantrum and every sleepless night it brings. I am so proud to be a mum to Alice and the baby in my tummy (eek!). I also know, that if it hadn't been for the support from my own mum and from my nan, I'm not sure just how well I would have coped, especially in those first few weeks!

Country Baskets have a wonderful range of floristry supplies & artificial flowers and is home to huge ranges of wedding products, pottery, glassware, home accessories, craft products and baskets. I did a little interview for them which you can see HERE! There are some wonderful gifts you can buy for mothers day, or you could buy the supplies to make your very own floral bouquet! 



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