Say Cheeeeese!

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Alice is at that stage where she copies everything I do! She loves having her nails painted, brushing her face with the make up brush, cooking mummy some soup at her toy kitchen. It's been so sweet to watch and some of the things she has copied have given her a need for some independence. She can now put her own socks and boots on, her own coat on, drink from a cup and wash her hands properly at the sink. And then sometimes, she will copy something I do that will make me sort of see myself through her, you know? The other day she picked up my old SLR camera and started bossing me about, pushing me over to the corner and taking pictures of me. She started squinting through the view finder and then checking the photos afterwards, and it was just so funny! At first I was like... I don't do that, do I? I don't pull that face? Do I really? Haha! And then it just became the best, most hilarious thing and I immediately put an SD card in the slot and let her snap away. I am so looking forward to going through the results and seeing my little photographer in action.

You know what they say, like mother like daughter!!
 I mean, look at that control. That balance! She's a natural, right? hehe!
 Checking over her photos. Oh gosh, this had me cracking up!! She was pointing at the screen and saying, "no, no, no"!
And have I already mentioned how much I LOVE that cheeky grin of hers. And that little curl on the front of her head. And that mouth full of pearly teeth. And... just everything really! 



  1. Her mother's daughter for sure(wee sponges they are, adorably-sweet;-)!


  2. Aww this is such an adorable post. She looks like a natural with the camera. x

  3. She is so adorable. I really hope that when I have kids they'll love photography as much as I do.

  4. Amazing! She is so cute!
    I couldn't give Hayden my camera I'm scared he will drop it LOOOL
    What camera are you using to take photos of Alice for this post?

    Lotte xo
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