The Sun has got his Hat on!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Something happened at the weekend that has not happened for what feels like years... the sun came out! We through on our wellies and raced to the nearest park. It seems every other family had the same idea as the park was packed with people, but it was such a fantastic, happy atmosphere. I can't tell you how good it felt to get out in the fresh air, and I am very sure it helped my morning sickness a lot! My mood has been up all week and I just hope it shows it's face again this weekend too.. pleeeease! 

 She only wanted to jump in the biggest, most muddiest puddles. But... that's what dads are for right? Hehe! 
 She was collecting leaves, sticks, pine cones. Anything she could find! 
 Lots of benches for mummy to rest... perks of being pregnant huh? ;)
 And we had to. Just had to...

Until she licked it so hard it fell on the ground. Lets just say, the day ended there... 



  1. such beautiful photos! how lucky to get some sunshine! ;)

  2. Love the photo's, especially the jumping in the puddle ones! The weekend was certainly lovely with a bit of sunshine, we also spent our weekend at the park... Love the yellow wellies my son has the same pair


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