Turning 26 and the best Birthday present EVER

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Yesterday was my 26th birthday! I have to say, it was one of my best birthdays yet. Dave surprised me by taking the day off and letting me lay in bed until 9am. I mean... 9am! Can every day be my birthday please??

We spent the day at Westfield because the weather was horrendous, definitely the downside to having a birthday in February. But it was lovely. We ate ice cream and cakes and laughed at Alice being a complete little rascal all day. She ended up with more treats than me!

Amazing. I mean... I want them all now!
Here she is dancing away to the music while Dave tries to stop her from running into innocent members of the public!
That faaaace!! NOT impressed at being disturbed for a picture during ice cream eating! 
Another wonderful picture that I couldn't help but post. Find anything good up there Alice? Haha!
She loves the duffin. I mean, who doesn't right?
And possible (definitely) the biggest highlight of my day was attending our first scan. Yep. That's right! Baby number two is due August 19th and we are already smitten. This may explain my absence from the blog these past couple of months. I have been suffering from terrible morning sickness, sleepless nights and headaches. But I am pregnant and I could not be happier.

Now roll on summer!!!



  1. Aww! Congratulations!! Looks like you had an amazing day! x

  2. Congratulations! Well chuffed for you! Xx

  3. Congrats :) I knew it somehow and I am wishing you all the best! For your birthday, too! Seems to be the most perfect day.

  4. I'll be surprised if no one has told you this already but you're really blooming, in that 7th picture you definitely have a healthy glow! Hope your sickness is passing now & its ages since ive been to Westfield, very jealous :-)
    happy birthday xx

  5. Looks like you had an amazing birthday! and congratulations again!! xx

  6. Aww sounds like you had a fantastic day and massive Congratulations to you!! How exciting x

  7. wow! double congratulations! how exciting! ;)

  8. Happy birthday again! How lovely you got your scan on your birthday! Hope the morning sickness is subsiding a bit now?! Xo

  9. Looks like you had a great day! Congratulations on baby number two! Can't wait to see more pregnancy posts, I loved reading them when you were pregnant with Alice!

  10. Happy Birthday & congratulations!
    Pregnancy with a toddler does get easier too. But these days of exhaustion & hanging over the loo with your wee one holding back your hair are all worth it just to see your two babies having their first cuddle together! Looking forward to following your pregnancy now as well.

  11. Happy Birthday hunny! & congratulations, that's amazing news.

    Lotte xo

  12. Congrats Emma, that explainsthe glowing very pretty mama pix:-)


  13. Massive congratulations!!! So happy for you all :)


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