Valentines Day

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Valentines day was amazing this year! Dave completely surprised me with a trip to the West End to see Les Miserables, but favourite musical of all time. I was pretty blown away by the whole thing. Apparently he had planned it for about 3 months, even secretly arranging it with my parents so they would have Alice for the night (very needed after a few nights of Alice waking up with a horrid cold!).

I always hate seeing the build up the Valentines day because people are so negative about it all! I mean, it's a day to celebrate the ones you love and show them how special they are to you, what's so bad about that?!

I took a few pictures from our Valentines date night, but they wouldn't upload here for some silly reason. So here are a few pictures of Alice's beautiful heart picture and some flowers that have been brightening up our house while the weather outside has been... ridiculously horrible.



  1. I love valentines! :D We went to Bath - it was so amazing. I love her hearts artwork :) x


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