Winter- Fun Facts

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

I think I have made it very clear about my feelings towards winter. January has been a particularly difficult month. It has been so cold and rainy and dark. Our cottage doesn't get too much natural light through the small windows so we tend to rely on being able to get out and about every day in London for our dose of sunshine. However, when it is so cold and dark outside, it just makes you want to hide away indoors all day long.

We are desperate to get out and about! I have been researching holidays, mini getaways at B&B's in the countryside. Eventually I came across Center Parcs and fell in love with their cute little cabins and amazing family activities. Whilst searching through their blog, I found this little infographic that I thought would be nice to share with any other winter-haters such as myself.

Everything You Need To Know About Winter

I am very excited about attracting those woodpeckers to our garden!!

Hope this cheers up your winter blues a little :)


  1. Oo this is a lovely infographic! :) I love foxes.

    Alex :) x


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