16 Weeks Bump Update

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

While writing this update this morning, snuggled in my bed with a decaf cup of tea Dave made for me, I totally forgot I should have seen a midwife this week! Don't worry, I have made one for next week instead, and I do have a good excuse. You see, last week my little Ali-bum turned 2 years old, and I have been a bit of an emotional wreck. I think it must be pregnancy hormones combined with the realisation my baby is no longer a baby... whatever it is I have been looking back at old pictures of Alice as a little bubba every evening before bed. I just can't believe how fast those first 2 years went! And I absolutely will make sure to cherish every moment with this new little one because before I know it, the time will be gone again :(

Ok. So, enough of the boohoo's... this week I finally felt baby move about! It was unmistakable and pretty amazing. Babies little tiny feet were kicking away for about an hour (which may have been something to do with the amount of chocolate I ate that night... oops). My bump has gotten BIG. I mean, considering I'm only just 4 months it's much bigger than when I was pregnant with Alice. But I'm happy as I do love having a little bump poking out to show off and dress up :)

I can't help but start slightly worrying about the realisation of having 2 children. Well... not really 2 children, about having a newborn and a toddler. My main fears are that I will neglect Alice too much in the first couple of months, that the little baby will constantly wake up Alice who really relies on sleep to be in a good mood (don't we all??) and that I'll be totally overwhelmed and wont leave the house for the next two years alone with them. I'm fairly sure these are normal fears, but I have them all the same...

Not had too much sickness recently and not really craving anything. Have felt a little dizzy and faint occasionally which I think is down to being on my feet a lot in the day while running around after Alice. I know I need to take it a little easier, but it's so hard when you have a demanding, tantrum-throwing little toddler to deal with! But I shall get through it... especially as there is some lovely warm sun predicted for next week!

Yay for Spring!!



  1. You look lovely! Rio is two next month where has the time gone? I'm worried he'll feel abit left out too but me and the OH are going to swop duties so they both get one to one time x

  2. Your fears are normal for a soon to be mummy of two(don't expect to be supermum, I'm sure you'll be fine;-) Emma!


  3. You look really well and glowing. My bump is also bigger this second time around but it is nice to be showing :)

  4. I wont sugarcoat it and tell you its plain sailing.... its not. But, as a mum to a 14 month old and another who is almost 3, its so worth it in the end when youve had them close together. These two pick on each other but its oh so cute when theyre interacting and playing games of who can squeal the loudest, Livvy passing her little sister her favourite bear when shes upset or the two of them playing hide and seek lol ;-) the bad stuff? Well you get through it as always lol... we are supermums!! :-) I know youre only 16 weeks but I cant wait to see the new one!!... im eager to see if he/she will look much like Alice as I thought having two together would mean similar features but these two are so different, one has brown eyes, one has blue... one has my skin tone whilst the other has daddys and Miley is definitely chubbier than Livvy was as a baby xx (sorry for such a long read)

  5. These are all the fears I have too, when the time comes!love your blog.best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy.

  6. I'm glad you're not having too much sickness now, it must be so hard being pregnant with a little toddler running around at the same time and having to look after them. It must be amazing to feel your baby move, I'm so happy for you. XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.co.uk

  7. Oh look at your bump! So lovely! I'm sure all these fears are well founded, but think of all the fears people get when they have their first baby... And things have turned out well for you there! It must be about finding your feet and establishing a routine. When my niece was born I bought my nephew a wee gift to take into the hospital so he wasn't left out, and I babysat Freya so my sister could have one on one time with Caleb as well (and vice versa). You've still got time to figure it out - try not to worry too much! Xo


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