A Sunny Weekend

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

If you were lucky enough to be in London this weekend, you'll know that it was hot hot hot! Ok, so 17 degrees... but the sun was out and so were the skirts and t-shirts. We debated about where we should go for ages on Friday night. In the end we just thought we would stick to the garden because lets face it, everyone is going to go out at the weekend and we didn't fancy being stuck in traffic on the first nice day of the year!!

We had a picnic and sat out in the sun for hours (taking breaks in the shade of course!). I even kept Alice up for an hour and a half past her usual bedtime, something I am usually very strict about. But it was hot and sunny and how many days do we really get like that, especially in March! I am massively doing up the garden this year. We have cleared most of the bushes out to make more space and bought tons of play safe wood chip to put over the flower beds and create some play areas. I am going to fill the garden with flowers (if they stay alive this year...) and make it a lovely place to enjoy. I figure that by summer I will be quite heavily pregnant and may be making more use of the garden than I did last year!

Here are some pictures from our sunny weekend...



  1. Ah looks like a great weakend, it's SO much nicer when the sun comes out. x

  2. Someone definitely has that pregnancy glow! You look wonderful sweetheart. xx

  3. Adorable pix of you both;-)


  4. Looks like Alice had a great time and really enjoyed the sunny weather! You look so beautiful too. XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.co.uk

  5. Oh I miss London...looks like ye had fun,you are really blooming now!

  6. Lovely pics ! We did the same this weekend it was so nice !

  7. Gorgeous photos as usual! Im also making the most of the sunshine now too, as like you, I will be heavily pregnant in the summer and i'll probs hate waddling around sweating! Booo :( yay for summer babies though x


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