Be Right Back... The Bug has Struck

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I haven't had a blogging break or anything. I'm afraid the bug has hit the Bailey household. Again.

It started in the early hours of Wednesday morning and it is still on going. Yep. 4 days of vomiting, the runs and a very poorly little toddler who wont even turn her head towards Cbeebies. Well, actually, the vomiting ended on Wednesday night and I thought we were out of the woods, but alas, she was sick again this afternoon. However, I have already started her up on a normal diet again and the poor thing is so hungry that I have in and gave her a nice beaker of milk before bed. Really hoping it doesn't come up again in the night!!

I blooming hate these bugs. They are evil little things that constantly trick you into thinking that they are gone, before jumping back out and yelling BOO in the your face again. To anyone going through one of these with their toddler at the moment, you are certainly not alone. And hey, it's ok to feel upset, angry, frustrated, worried or even down right terrified about it too. Seeing your usually happy little toddler turn into this sad, quiet little person who can't even keep half a biscuit down is scary. Waking up from the crying in the night and finding the bed covered in vomit, is bloody terrifying. Trying to get a temperature down and feeling like it will never go is frustrating. And it's ok to feel these things. Ask for help from whoever will give it, take it day by day and don't expect a really quick recovery. Because just when you think things are alright again, it will come back!

Hoping for a nice recovery in the next couple of days though... In the meantime, I shall be here. In my pyjamas. Holding my little toddler close and grabbing whatever sleep I can.

Please come back soon Alice :(



  1. Poor Alice :( Sorry to hear she's not well. There seems the be a bug going round at the moment. Hope she gets better soon xx

  2. Aww,poor wee thing(& mummy too), sending you lots of healing recovery;-)


  3. Try making some homemade dioralyte - mix 1 teasp salt and 8 teasp sugar with 1 litre of boiled water,if you haven't given her some already.she may not take it,but will rehydrate her. Poor little thing.Hope she feels better soon x

  4. Hate it when mine are ill, really tiring for everyone in the household! My son recently had a chest infection that lasted 6 weeks and was coughing quite hard in the night! I could hardly sleep as i was afraid he'd throw up in his sleep :( If she doesn't keep down the milk I'd try 'mixy up' juice instead :)

  5. Aww noo :( hope Alice is back to her usual self very soon! I hate seeing them be sick! X


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