Easy Hairstyles for Busy Mums...

Sunday, March 30, 2014

 The "scrunch and go". After washing and drying, give your hair a scrunch with some smoothing serum. You can twirl the fronts round your fingers to create a curl or use the straighteners to turn it off the face. Quick, easy and pretty! 

 The Headband. Always a favourite for those days when your hair is still slightly greasy or just not doing what you want it to do! Just throw it in and pull out some of the hair at the front. Or not if you prefer it off your face! 

 The Side braid. One of my fav's before my hair got cut a little too short (bleaching, it's a killer)! Always looks more "done up" than it actually is and lovely in the Spring. Add a hat for greasy hair!

Still one of my favourites. The messy bun! Simply grab your hair into a pony tail, spin it round until it starts to form a circular shape and throw round a hair tie. The messier it looks the better. Add a headband for added prettiness! 



  1. Love the way you wear a headband, suits you!


  2. Great post. I often wear mine as one of the first two these days. Ethan grabs my hair as often as he can so sadly it usually gets tied back. x

  3. I love that first snap of you... your hair looks amazing! xxx


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