Life Lately

Friday, March 21, 2014

Sorry for the instagram dump... It has literally been two very rough weeks for all of us. This horrid virus Alice caught has just lingered around for way too long. Just when we thought she was over it, the temperature and vomiting would come back!! Am happy to say this time, she is definitely on the mend. Though I am still sticking to a rather basic boring diet with no dairy for a little while longer, just in case.

The virus has also thrown her out of routine so bedtime is a major battle at the moment! But it's all good fun I suppose. I do think I shall miss the bedtime battles when she is a lot older, as tiring and stressful as they are. I can't help but secretly love the fact she wants me to hold her while she falls asleep... Though I know I mustn't give in to her or else it will become a nightly thing that I just can't commit to, especially when I get bigger! (pregnant, not fat! Though it's still early days... Haha!)

Hoping this week will be a little better and we will be able to get out and about again. Fingers crossed.


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