22 Week Bump Update!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

22 weeks and boy is this hard work! I am officially over the half-way point, but it still seems like we have such a LONG way to go before we meet this little one. This whole pregnancy has been a lot harder and bigger... think I've mentioned that before but it's true! I feel so big, my back hurts, I am waddling and my belly button is sticking out. Plus, this little baby is kicking me so hard it feels like I am days away from giving birth, not months.

I am enjoying it though (believe it or not!). I love waking up and feeling the little kicks and somersaults. Or catching myself in the mirror and seeing the little (ok, big) bump bursting out of my top or dress. And I also enjoy people offering me seats at the park, helping my buggy down the stairs at train stations or bending down to pick up Alice's catapulted Rabbit so I won't have to. And I especially love Dave offering to make me cups of tea, or to take Alice off my hands for an hour so I can relax and put my feet up. I am being spoilt, and I love it!

Obviously am taking full advantage of these acts of kindness as I know full well people will not be so quick to rush to my aid when I have a screaming baby on my hip and a toddler throwing a tantrum on the pavement outside Tesco. I know I shall live to regret these words but... I am actually really looking forward to it! Being a mum to two little rascals is going to be so much fun and I just can not wait to see them interact and get to know one another. Being a mum is without a doubt my absolute calling in life. It has changed my perspective on everything and I really love the person I have become. I feel happy and fulfilled and just so very happy right now. And after trying for nearly a year to conceive this little one, I feel very very lucky and privileged to be pregnant again. However much I may complain...

Life is pretty good right now.



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