Bump Update- Week 20

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Look how big I am! Argh! My belly button is going to pop any day now, and I'm not even 6 months yet!

Everything about this pregnancy seems to be happening a lot faster. The whole thing seems to be a lot bigger and more intense too. Baby is already kicking and punching and using my bladder as a trampoline (particularly between the hours of 1am and 4am). I feel bigger and just more pregnant than I did the first time round. Also... we are in April and I'm due in August and that just feels right around the corner!

Keep going through all the things I need to get done before baby arrives. When I was pregnant with Alice, this list consisted of things like: Read the last Harry Potter book, learn to make spaghetti bolognaise, find pretty bedding for the cot... etc. This time round it's more: finish potty training Alice, move her to a toddler bed so we have a cot, sort out storage for new stuff, buy a double buggy (so many choices!!)... Basically it all seems a lot more serious this time round. And less... you know, picking out pretty nursery things.

Anyways. In terms of the actual pregnancy, I'm feeling pretty good. I don't feel too sick anymore so I can eat a healthy diet, which is definitely giving me and baby more energy. I'm drinking lots of water too which has definitely helped. My hair is thicker, my skin is clear and I kind of feel... dare I say it, like I am enjoying being pregnant. I say it like that because I know as time goes on I will be begging for my due date to come so I can go back to not being pregnant again!


  1. You look amazing!! My belly button has been an outy for so long this time. Is Alice understanding there's a little one in there? X

  2. I have just done a post on buggy reviews in my blog,asked all my friends to submit their reviews in double/single buggys.You may find it helps on choosing a buggy!looking great xx

  3. That's really normal to be bigger post first pregnancy, love ur bump(looking well;)!


  4. hey, congratulation on your pregnancy, I have been slaking in posting and reading the blog world. I'm 20 weeks pregnant too with baby no 3! My due date is 15 of August. Everything is bigger here too :)) I All the best with the pregnancy!

  5. You look great! Glad to hear you are feeling well and enjoying it :)


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