Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter! The weather was completely crazy this weekend. One minute it was pouring with rain and the next it was scorching hot and sunny. So our Easter plans sort of had to be shuffled around. Here are some pictures from our Easter Sunday and Bank holiday Monday:

 Easter chocolate!
 The cutest Easter basket I found on Amazon!
 We did attempt an Easter egg hunt but... it kind of ended up with mummy forgetting where she had hidden them all and searching the house herself for half an hour... baby brain! 
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 Easter stamps I found on Amazon.
On Monday we ended up at the park all day as the weather suddenly decided it was going to warm up and give us some sun! After being cooped up for most of the Sunday, we were all so glad to get out and about. I find that Alice always needs SO much exercise in the day to encourage her to eat properly at meals and sleep properly at night. When we do have to stay in, both of these things are a nightmare. Complete nightmare.

 I have gone a little blonder yes... Daddy gave me some mummy time last week and I spent it all at the salon.. as you do right? 
 Gorgeous flowers all in bloom. I think I LOVE Spring! 



  1. Happy Easter! beautiful Photos :)

  2. Gorgeous Easter photos, love all the colour in them! x

  3. So many gorgeous photos. It looks like you had a beautiful and colourful Easter. x


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