Happy Friday

Friday, April 25, 2014

Alice has gone down with a mystery illness which comprises of only a temperature...? No idea what's going on, but calpol seems to be doing the trick. I do hope it goes by the weekend, whatever it is, so we can spend some quality family time together!

Happy Friday, and Happy Weekend!



  1. Don't want to worry you but Keep an eye on her... There seems to have been an outbreak of scarlet fever this Spring (I know of at least 3 parents whose child have caught it) ... It starts with a temperature and sore throat. Just that I think you need antibiotics if you contract it. xx

    1. Thanks for the warning! Thankfully it seems to have gone this morning and she's back to normal. Thinkin maybe she is cutting a back tooth or something! Xx

    2. Ahh that's good! Well, not so good on more teething but at least her temperature has gone. :) have a lovely weekend xx

  2. Hope she's okay now. This is a lovely photograph.

    Alex x


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