Picnics in the Park

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Seeing as we missed the first proper sunny weekend of the year due to the horrid bug Alice picked up from somewhere, we were thrilled when this beautiful Saturday showed it's face. We immediately packed a picnic and headed to the local park to set up camp for the day. It was beautiful. Like... if you could picture the perfect family day, this was it. Alice was thrilled to be set free to roam and run and threw no tantrums. We ate cake and pasta and then watched Alice explore the daffodils which were out in full bloom. Against the pink blossom trees, it was such a beautiful scene. I was able to sit back and rest the bump while Dave and Alice ran and kicked a ball and played.

I can not wait for the summer and more days like these!



  1. Beautifully-captured(how I envy your family archives;)spring family scene!


  2. Beautiful! Blossom and daffidols are both my favourite. Soo jealous of your picnic basket I really do need to buy one! Gorgeous bump too..you look fab!

  3. Beautiful day ! Im the one with a bug now and the weather is picking up :-( like you say plenty more hot days yo come. Alice and dave had tons of fun :-)



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