Friday Thoughts

Friday, May 16, 2014

This is the quote I think is most fitting for this week. it has literally been a week of sunshine and sudden and heavy showers. One minute we're thinking, it's shorts and t-shirt weather! The next we are huddling up under the climbing frame or a big tree in an attempt to keep dry from the torrential rain. I am a big believer in getting out and about with young children, come rain or shine. But I mean... COME ON! Give me a break rain! I already need to wee every 5 seconds, and heavy rain that falls whenever it feels like it does not help in the middle of a park when the nearest toilet is half an hour away!!

But we did venture out. In wellies, and t-shirts, and with coats over the buggy for when it got cold. And we jumped in puddles and rode our tricycle around the wet park and collected interesting looking sticks to take home.

I have been looking at nurseries for Alice. I think it would be good for her to get away from mummy for a couple of mornings a week. And I am massively drawn to Forest Schools. Forest Schools believe strongly in spending as much time outside as possible, which I love. Alice is a different person outside, come rain or shine. She is happy, and alive and in her element. I do hope we get a place! Fingers crossed.

Have a lovely weekend and WHERE'S THIS HEATWAVE WEATHERMAN?!



  1. I have my fingers crossed that you get a place for Alice.


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