Make up ideas for skin that looks tired

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

As a mum, I know how it feels to be deprived of sleep. Big time! I'm not just talking about the new born stage either. Sleep and young children are often met with many challenges. Sickness bugs, nightmares, early early morning wake ups... it never really ends. My skin often looks tired and stressed, and at 6 months pregnant with a toddler, it's not really surprising!

But there are things I do to try to improve my tired looking skin. Firstly, I make a big attempt to drink lots of water and eat a well balanced diet. There is no use just plastering on make up, beauty really does come from within. Water and fruit and veg help to keep skin healthy and youthful, and that's a fact.

I use a Olay's Essentials Complete Care Day Fluid for Normal/Dry Skin which has an SPF 15, to keep my skin moisturised and protected in the day. I also use Simple's Kind to Eyes Soothing Eye Balm which restores tired looking eyes and reduces puffiness. My skin is pale and prone to freckles and sun damage so both of these are pretty essential. After moisturising thoroughly, I apply Max Factor's Colour Adapt Foundation, which is light and gentle on the skin. I don't like to smother my face in make-up, I honestly think that can do more harm than good and to be honest, the natural look is so much better! A little concealer for those blemishes and a light, mousse or cream based foundation usually does the trick. A little blusher on the cheeks can also put back some colour into your skin and give you a healthy glow. I love Benefit's Dandelion Pink Perk-Me-Up Face Powder.
 Sometimes a bright lip can be all you need to brighten up your complexion. On days where everything is going wrong, your toddler keeps throwing tantrums and your hair is filled with grease, throwing on a bright coloured lipstick or gloss can cheer you up and add that sparkle back into your look! Check out Topshop's lipsticks, they are my fav's.
But all in all, I keep things simple. It's true that us mums just don't get the time we crave to spend on ourselves. So keeping your make up simple and natural is the best way to go. Moisturising and anti ageing creams are vital for creating a healthy glowing base and a little make up can just enhance your look a little. But if you are really in a rush, a little concealer around the eyes, some mascara and a dab or lip gloss is usually enough to brighten up your face and help you to look a little less tired.

Just don't let the constant yawning give you away! 


  1. Lots of good tips - I do all of these things! My every day basics are BB cream, concealer a bit of blusher, highlighter and mascara, it takes less than five minutes while baby naps and I feel so much better for it, my skin is all kinds of grey if I don't! I also love bright lips, but Fred's head is inevitably covered in red lipstick kisses because I forget that I have it on!

    Georgia xx


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