Matisse Cut Outs and South bank

Thursday, May 15, 2014

At the weekend we went to see the Matisse Cut Outs exhibition at the Tate Modern. I was so so excited to see this, and we have had tickets booked for a while now. I must admit, I was crossing all my fingers and toes that Alice didn't get sick for it (you know what it's like when you plan to go somewhere. Those sickness bugs really choose their timing don't they?). But we got there, and we loved it! Alice loved the colours and was dancing around and having so much fun.

The Tate Modern is so great for children, it really is. It is surprisingly child friendly. You can make noise, there is a fantastic FREE cloakroom to store your buggy, the cafe serves free children's meals when you purchase one adult one and of course, the art is fascinating to them! There were so many toddlers and young children gathering around the larger Matisse pieces, and Alice was in her element!

If you can, I would really recommend booking some tickets and going along to see it for yourself. You won't be disappointed!





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