Rainy Day Essentials

Thursday, May 01, 2014

British summer time. The most confusing time of year weather wise! Yesterday it was 20 degrees, bright sunshine and I was drinking water like no tomorrow! Fast forward 24 hours... it's freezing cold and raining cats and dogs. And when you have a very energetic toddler to cater for who doesn't quite understand the weather, it can be quite a challenge to keep them entertained and burn off enough of their energy to ensure they will actually sleep at night time! 

I have seen many blog posts on rainy day activities. Things you can do inside with your toddler. But you know what, sometimes you just want to GET OUT THE HOUSE!! Well I say, do it. Wrap up in your anoraks, put on your wellies and go out and jump in some muddy puddles. A little bit of rain isn't going to kill you if you dress up warm enough. Sure, you may get some odd looks from passer-by's who are desperately looking for the nearest shelter, or from fellow mummies who are pushing their buggies covered in rain covers at lightening speed... but who cares? Peppa does it, why not us? So here are a few of my rainy day essentials: 

Wellie socks from Joules
Hunter wellies (Not only cute, but they are such good quality!)
Cath Kidston Umbrella 
Boden Children's Anorak

So get out there and enjoy the rain and muddy puddles! You're toddler will love you forever after a puddle jumping session!! 



  1. Umm excuse me but I want those wellies for myself! These are beautiful photos as always :)

    Kirsten | kirstenlearns.com

  2. You've got some photo memories to be proud of(love how A's vibrant wellies matches the florals in the background:) for sure!


  3. Her wellies are too cute! I can't wait til Ethan's walking and has his first pair of wellies x

    Alex x

  4. The picture in the top right I thought was going to be one of those where she jumps in and ends up to her chin in water ! If that makes sense :-p Great post !

    Daddy Space – UK Parenting lifestyle blog


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