Bump Update- 30 Weeks!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I am 30 weeks pregnant. Yikes! Where did THAT go? Just 10 weeks until my due date and only 8 weeks until baby is full term. I had a midwife appointment this week. Just the usual one where they check blood pressure, urine and measure the bump. All is well. But then baby boy has been wriggling so much I was sure he was fine anyway!

I have finally started buying things for him. Just a few body suits, but it's a start! I am getting paranoid about the state of our house at the moment. Maybe it's nesting, well yes it probably is nesting. I am going to have a massive clear out and start making some room in here. I must buy a toy box for Alice's toys, if anyone knows where they sell some pretty ones do let me know.

The third trimester is not my favourite. I remember it all too well and am not looking forward to getting bigger and more uncomfortable. So far it's ok, but I know what's to come! I am feeling pretty healthy, maybe it's because I am running about after Alice all day. It's keeping me fit! Am very excited about meeting him now and not being pregnant anymore. And I have a feeling he may be a little early. I can already feel the braxton hicks starting up!



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