Live in a World of Imagination - Kid's Room Inspired by Literature

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Gadgets and gismos might be the big thing for children right now (the number of little ones with iPads and similar is astonishing!) and I have to admit, they are fantastic at developing your child’s learning and to keep them quiet too. However, nothing can beat a good old-fashioned book; there isn’t anything better than the smell of an old much-loved children’s novel. Although, of course, you can get these classics on such technology now too.
With children reportedly spending more time gaming and watching television than at school, it’s time to inspire your child with some of literature’s classic characters. Here’s how to create the perfect kid’s room straight from the imagination of Roald Dahl, Enid Blyton and Kenneth Grahame...

If your little ones love a bit of sci-fi adventure, take inspiration from H.G Wells and his classic War of the Worlds. As well as a metallic colour theme throughout on the walls, the furnishings can have that high shine and ultimate impact. Futuristic lighting is the easiest option first off. This selection of http://www.lampcommerce.com/en/catalogue/brands/artemide look like plants from Mars and beyond. And don’t forget to paint any existing bedside tables and units in silver or bronze. This saves you a small fortune on new furnishings.
As well as top sci-fi children’s books, take even more inspiration from the films. Star Wars being the ultimate sci-fi adventure, even 40 years on. And remember, the new one is out next year too! This will be sure to excite your sci-fi fanatic son/daughter.
If you and your child love the whimsical world of Lewis Carroll, then you can’t go wrong with an Alice in Wonderland themed room completed with rainbow colours and furnishings in out of proportion sizes. Gigantic clocks, paintings of the characters on the walls and why not create a small flap in the door just for your little one! Ok, maybe not on a brand new door, but if it’s worn anyway, what more is a small hole going to do! Also remember the dark twisted side to Carroll’s work. Kids do enjoy being spooked and this will ignite their imagination even further.

Having taken into account iconic children’s literature, what about the tweens and young adults? Two of the best books in recent years have to be Harry Potter and Hunger Games. Two amazing sets of films too; there’s nothing like a film franchise of a popular children’s book to ignite a literature passion in youth! There is so much imagery connected with both, you’re spoilt for choice. For Harry Potter, the walls could be the uneven bricks of Diagon Alley and the door painted like Platform 9 ¾ whilst the furnishings could be rustic and red for the good guys of Gryffindor. For Hunger Games, think the luscious forest that the games take place in mixed with the futuristic theme of the big city for a starling and exciting contrast.
Whether it’s the twisted folk tales of Rumpelstiltskin and Hansel and Gretel or the delightful world of Disney, the dark themes of sci-fi dystopia or a childhood classic, use literature in your child’s room to inspire...


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