Strawberry Picking

Monday, June 02, 2014

There is nothing that reminds me of summer more than strawberry picking! Alice has found a new love in strawberries recently so I knew it would be a big hit with her. I was so surprised of how well she did! She found more red ripe strawberries than Dave and I and didn't even damage one while picking them. She was fascinated by all the lady birds buzzing about too.

I know I haven't done a bump update recently. The reason is, there isn't really anything to update about! I am about 27 weeks now and the bump is a little bigger. Baby is moving about lots and lots (mainly at night... thanks for that bubs). I haven't really had any pregnancy symptoms as such, I feel pretty good, though that may be a little to do with the good weather too (sunshine always makes me feel better!). We haven't really started buying things yet... We sort of have all the "big" things already so there's not such a rush this time round. Very much looking forward to meeting him though. It does seem to be going a lot quicker this time around!

Here are some more snaps:

 She loved that little ladybird!

 Clambering over all the plants while I tried to stop her from squishing strawberries... toddler. 

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