34 Weeks Bump Update

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Wow, haven't done one of these for a little while!

Aside from the morning sickness, this pregnancy has been pretty smooth to be honest! I don't feel like I have grown too quickly, like last time. It's sort of been slow and steady. I had to have my whooping cough injection this week, which made my entire arm sore for a few days (kind of difficult when you have a toddler to run round after), but I am very glad I had it.

I have been pretty tired to be honest, but I think that's all to do with the fact I am much bigger now. Having to do all the cleaning, ironing, washing, cooking and taking Alice to ballet, swimming and nursery in the week is also not helping! I am determined to keep Alice's activities going, even after her brother comes along. I dont want her to feel like she's missing out on the things she loves or is being neglected. It's all very complicated when you have two!

I'm working on some very exciting projects for the next year which I can't wait to share. But it's so hard to think much further ahead than August at the moment! I just can't wait to go into labour now. I do love being pregnant and I know I will miss it, but at 8 months I have sort of had enough. I keep seeing new tops and dresses coming out in the shops and wishing I could wear them! My favourite outfit at the moment is leggings and one of Dave's t-shirts!

Anyway, just 6 more weeks. That's one ballet recital, one swimming exam, our wedding anniversary, 700 loads of washing and about 10 more doctors appointments... one step at a time ah?!



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  2. you take Alice to nursery now? :) It is always a tricky decision whether to keep doing that or have them at home after the little one is born...

  3. Lovely update sweetie, I totally felt the same at 34 weeks. Not much longer and it will be a distant memory... soak it up for me!! x


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