Borough Market

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Over the weekend, my mum and dad had Alice over night and Dave and I enjoyed some much needed free time! We went to Westfield in West London on Friday night and bought a ton of clothes for the baby (about time, I know!). There are SO MANY SALES ON right now. Mamas and Papas have some seriously cute things in their sale, so we stocked up good and proper.

On the Saturday morning we woke late (8.30... that's like a 3 hour lye in!!) and went to Borough Market. It is amazing, I would recommend a visit to anyone who likes food. A lot of food. literally every single way you turn there is someone cooking something amazing. I ate far too much and we spent probably a weeks shopping budget just on lunch. but how can you not try that pot of Cray fish tails? Or that watermelon smoothie? We are definitely hoping to head back there with Alice at some point, but at the rate time seems to be flying by I expect there will be another little person coming with us as well!

 Belly button!! When we got on the tube about 5 people stood up to give me there seat. Anyone who knows anything about London will know this is quite rare, so I must look about ready to pop! 



  1. You look great!! Love your hat,where is it from? I have to say my daily commute from west London to Paddington while pregnant was made very easy by fellow commuters!! I was always offered a seat on the tube! X

  2. Love your photos, so full of colour ! I enjoyed the sales as well and got some great things.


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