Life doesn't slow down....

Monday, July 07, 2014

I have been terrible for blogging recently. The truth is, life has just sort of flown by so quickly I haven't had much time to myself! When you have a 2.5 year old and are 8 months pregnant, everything you do seems to take a lot more time, and a lot more effort. I am exhausted. Just getting through a day is tiring enough. Luckily the weather has been pretty good so we have had lots of time out in the sun which really does help. But I haven't been carrying my camera around with me, instead relying on the iPhone to capture the odd moment here and there...

Anyway, last week I picked it up again and brushed off the dust, and took a few snaps. Summer is the best time of the year, right?! In between feeling exhausted, feeling sick and dealing with Alice's increasing tantrums, I am very much enjoying the sun!

Anyway, here's a bit of life lately...
 Got Alice all dressed up for nans birthday. But she decided to get naked and jump in the paddling pool so ended up in an old t-shirt for the rest of the day! Haha!

 I am massively craving birthday cake... or maybe I just really really like it. I don't know...

 I bought some plain cupcakes from Asda and we spent a morning decorating them. I just have no energy to cook at the moment... that's my excuse anyway! 

Spent a lot of time at the garden centre recently. And bought a lot of plants to decorate our little London cottage. Anyway, now I have finished we are seriously considering buying next year so that was a bit of a waste of money... Maybe I'll put them all into pots or something? 



  1. Gorgeous photos! Mmmm, I really want birthday cake now. x

  2. It's lovely to see your updates Emma! Take care of yourself and please don't feel you have to justify yourself to anyone xx


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