The Butterfly House

Thursday, July 31, 2014

I found these on my computer yesterday. They are taken on the Isle of Wight when we went to check out the butterfly house. They had these amazing fountains and we kind of got caught up there for an hour or so, just running through the water. We were the only ones there too which was fun! Seeing these photos has also reminded me that we have lost Alice's wellies somewhere. Not sure how that happened, they are bright yellow and our house isn't exactly big! I was hoping to pass them down to baby boy, but looks like new wellies may have to be bought for Autumn puddle season (Or August puddle season if the weatherman is right!).

I can not wait to have this baby now so we can get out the house!! I feel so terrible for keeping Alice indoors so much, but it just is too hot for me to venture too far. And weekends are mainly spent with me trying to sleep and rest and Alice and Dave popping to the shops to meet my various cravings (mainly popcorn... I could eat that all day!).

I'm going to do a little post on blogging soon and my thoughts on it all. I'm sure you have noticed that I haven't been present on the internet that much recently. I have no intention of stopping this blog, but I am hoping to sort of slow down a bit and have stopped promoting posts etc. I think as the blog is becoming more personal I just feel weird about taking sponsored posts and promoting stories of us going to the park... Anyways. More to come on that subject!



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