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Monday, August 04, 2014

My new favourite cook book... to look at! Seriously, the meals in here all look amazing but the amount of ingredients they require means I probably wont cook any of them. Still, I do love looking at pictures of pretty food (As seen on my pinterest!).

All the toys keep coming out and then going away again. It's been so hot outside that we have spent a lot of time indoors, which sounds terrible. but when I say hot I mean... HOT!

The runner bean plant that Alice and I grew. So far we have only picked 3 beans off of it, but it wont stop growing. I don't know what to do, I have 2 sticks tied together to try and help it, but it's getting ridiculous now! How high do they get?!

Pottering around the garden under clear blue skies...
Washing the bike and chalking on the floor.

Lots of painting, and not much room to hang new ones! She get's so proud of her  work and loves it when I hang them up, so I am constantly having to change the pictures on the wall!



  1. If you pinch out the top of the runner bean plant it will stop growing up...basically you cut off the top 2-3 inches, I'm not growing them myself this year but my grand-dad was a bit of an allotment legend!!

  2. Great photos, what do you use to edit them?
    I would like to get a Jamie Oliver cook book.


  3. Hey! Stunning photos!

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  4. You sound like me! If a recipe needs to many ingredients I don't even attempt it. Im such a simple cooker! I love her little wall of art!

    Our family of four


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