Dear Thomas... and Alice

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dear kids,

Thomas you are three weeks old! Where did the time go? The last couple of weeks of my pregnancy seemed to drag by, but now you're here they are zooming past. I can not believe how much I love you already. You have just merged into our family as if you were never not here. You utterly complete us as a family and we are all still on cloud 9 about you being here!

You are so content and happy! Maybe it's because I feel a lot more relaxed looking after a newborn this time around... I do find I am stressing a lot less and enjoying each moment with you as opposed to wishing for the next stage like I did with Alice. Yes, you are waking 3 or 4 times a night, but this time around I know it wont last forever so it all feels that little bit more manageable! You are so curious and are constantly trying to look at everyone, especially your loud, crazy big sister!

Alice, I am so proud of you. You have risen to the challenge of being a big sister beautifully. You are always so patient, understanding that sometimes mummy has to sort the baby out first. And you are growing up super fast now. Talking, playing by yourself, sleeping in a big bed! I mean, when did this all happen?! Naps have been non existent recently which makes you a little cranky, but we will just have to ride it out I'm afraid. I'm still working on merging your routines and needs together.

I love being a mum of 2. I worried a lot about how I would cope, but now Thomas is here I just sort of am! I guess everyone does really. I think next week will be about trying to sort a little more routine into our days. And we must buy a buggy soon so i can get these two monkeys out the house!!



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