Cake Pops Fail

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

One of the things I love doing with Alice, is baking. It's such a fun, relatively simple activity that we can do together and she can really get involved in. She loves mixing and cracking the eggs into the bowl. I think it's great when the cakes come out the oven and she can see that her hard work has created something yummy that she loves.

The other day we attempted to make cake pops. You may have seen it on my vlog! It was a complete disaster, but great fun to try. I think we make the balls of mixture slightly too big so that they just slid off the sticks! But that's the thing about baking, it's all about practice and just experimenting with recipes. Let me tell you, they tasted pretty amazing.

Our oven is a little old fashioned and we have a door which insists on getting stuck shut just when the food is ready to come out! In an ideal kitchen, we would have a beautiful oven from The Range, a centre island and plenty of storage for keeping our baking equipment in. I literally can not wait to buy a house and design the kitchen exactly as I want it. And fingers crossed that dream will be a reality sooner rather than later!

Have you ever made cake pops before? How did they come out? (I'm guessing better than the picture above!!)



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