Daily life... vlogged!

Since having Thomas, life has been pretty hectic, it's not easy balancing two children all day long! I have really wanted to blog more about what's going on and how life has changed. I think it would be great to look back on! But I just don't have time to whip out the camera and write a full post. So I have taken to YouTube to document this time instead.

My videos aren't the best quality, and are sometimes a little random! But if you wondered how we are all getting on, just click over to my YouTube channel and see. I am uploading a vlog every other day so there is lots to see!

Let em know if there are any videos you would like to see and I shall see what I can do! To anyone wondering what life is like when another one comes along... enjoy!


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  1. Ah lovely to watch your vlog Emma, glad you are getting on well with your new addition, even with the lack of sleep! x


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