Dear Thomas- One Month Old

Monday, October 06, 2014

Dear Thomas,

Argh! Can't believe we made it past one month. I knew it would go quickly, but I mean come on!

You are growing so so quickly and I can not believe how much you have changed already. You are already wearing size 0-3 month clothing and have lost that "new born" look... if that makes sense. You are cooing and making the cutest little noises as you try to communicate with us and are definitely a happy baby!

You can already hold your head up pretty well and love tummy time. You can grip onto toys and shake them about, and you have a good punch on you too! You love pulling mummies hair and smiling as I try and prise your little fingers open to release it. You also love the water, bath time is your favourite time of day. As soon as you hear the water running you stop crying or sleeping or cooing and start kicking your legs and smiling.

As for your "routine", there isn't really one right now. You take anywhere from 2oz to 5oz of milk a time and any time between 2-4 hours. You tend to sleep after about 2 hours of being awake. You go back to sleep at about 8am in the morning and have a bath and go to bed at 6pm, but in between that it's all up to you! At night, you wake every 2-3 hours for milk still, but you do go back to sleep afterwards which is nice. You are just such a happy and content little baby that I really don't mind the night feeds so much. It's nice to just go with what you want as opposed to trying to put in a strict routine like I did with Alice. It makes me feel a lot more relaxed and I know you are happy because you get whatever you want!

You are not a very clingy baby. You like to sleep in your moses basket or in your car seat. I remember Alice was clung to me constantly and would only sleep on me in the day. You also put yourself to sleep after I settle you down wide awake, which is amazing!! I always thought no baby would actually do that, how wrong I was! And thankfully, you have learnt to sleep through noise as your sister's favourite activity is to yell and scream while riding her scooter about the house!

Gosh Thomas, I knew it would all go quickly, especially as you are the second child, but please slow down just a little!! At this rate it will be time for number three...



  1. Beautiful post. He looks like such a cute little boy xxx


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