3 Wonderful Kids Party Ideas for Winter

Friday, November 14, 2014

The autumn and winter seasons can be a tricky few months for parents with children born between October and March. With colder weather, more chance of rain and the nights drawing in, planning a birthday party outside is almost impossible.

Indoor parties tend to revolve around cutting the cake and playing “pin the tail on the donkey” or “pass the parcel”. While these are all classics for a reason, there are some even more exciting possibilities out there!

Below you’ll find three wonderful winter party ideas that you might not have considered and some tips on how to pull them off with panache.

Go kart party in your local hall

What child wouldn’t enjoy whizzing around in their own go kart? A super safe and surprisingly easy indoor party idea for winter is having a go kart party.

Kart and course providers Go Kart Party suggest “using a local hall as they can provide catering, it will also gives you extra space around the course for cheering fans” and other party games.

Catering doesn’t need to break the bank, with inexpensive buffet tables of bitesize food and nibbles there’ll be something for everyone. Easy to share foods like pizza and chicken drumsticks will make the kids happy, plus you can keep the health conscious parents content with carrot sticks, apple slices or ants on a log (celery filled with peanut butter and optional raisins).

There is usually a maximum of four go karts per inflatable course so you’ll need some other fun things to do when the kids aren’t racing. A great option is face painting as you can do it yourself and pre pick a few simple options - with the help of the birthday girl or boy.

Screen your choice of movies in a pop-up cinema

If your birthday boy or girl isn’t a budding racer but instead loves going to the cinema, why not treat them to their own pop-up cinema?

You could consider renting a projector, unless you fancy making a significant purchase! Thanks to the wonders of the modern world, this won’t need lots of complicated cabling and you’ll be able to use the DVDs you already own.

Make sure you have a room with a blank wall to project onto. Otherwise you can hire a screen too.

Movie watching and popcorn go hand in hand. Despite how pricey it can get at the cinema, popcorn is actually really simple and cheap to make! Any good supermarket or health food store will have bags of popcorn kernels that you can pop and season yourself in big batches.

Get some large bowls and scoops, along with some cardboard popcorn pots, and make a few quick flavours.

You can even have a savoury option or try out a homemade toffee popcorn recipe. The kids can serve themselves and you can do all the popping in advance, though its best enjoyed on the same day.

Host a tea party with grown up trimmings

A cute and classy tea party is great for kids of all ages. You’ll probably want to avoid using your fine china, just in case. Instead, pick up some plastic or melamine tumblers, plates and cake stands from a vintage inspired store like The Other Duckling.

The advantage of grabbing some good looking serving pieces, rather than just using paper plates, is that all of these can be reused when summer comes around as picnicware.

Hosting a tea party is a wonderful opportunity for the children to play dress up to. A fairytale theme, like Beauty and the Beast, would work well and gives the boys and girls plenty of costume options.

When it comes to catering the tea party, it may not be all about the actual tea. Along with fruit teas, you can serve colourful juices or squash in jugs. If you pick up a few cake stands you can use them to serve crustless sandwiches and child friendly canapes.

To decorate for the party, put some table cloths on a few round tables. Place a teapot at the centre of each table and cups with saucers at each place setting. Then you can either bring in the little towers of tasty treats to the tables, like a high tea, or set up a buffer on one side of the room for the children to help themselves.

Whatever you decide to do for the wintery birthday celebrations, all of these ideas are sure to help you forget the cold. You could even mix and match ideas by hosting a go kart party in a hall, serving food then sitting the kids down for a movie!


  1. There were so many little things that our party planner and her assistants did on the day-of that I would never have thought of (and I'm sure my bridesmaids were glad I didn't have to delegate those tasks to them either!)

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