Christmas in Covent Garden

Monday, November 24, 2014

Christmas has arrived in Covent Garden!! I love going to see the giant Christmas tree just outside the apple market place each year. And having a nosey at the decorations inside, and this year did not disappoint! It is amazing, and so magical and fun! Alice loved the big tree and was zooming about on her scooter round it for ages.

I am determined to seek out every Christmas event in London this year. Last year, I was pregnant with Thomas and suffering from awful morning sickness. And what is really weird, is that when I look back at pictures from last year, I feel kind of sick! I think it's sort of an association I have with that time... so this year I am determined to get a whole new bunch of Chrismtassy photos! And of course, it's our first Christmas as a family of 4... eek!

 Most of the street performers had massive crowds and we ended up watching from the back! Didn't really work for this guy who was doing card tricks. Everyone kept clapping and we were like... what?! 
 I know. You have major hair envy... lol! I've had it bleached and in this rainy/ sunny weather it just kind of does what it likes... 



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