7 pampering tricks for the busy London executive

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

London life is stressful, especially when you work in a high powered job. Post-recession, most of us are still doing unpaid overtime, or spending our free time at client dinners and lengthy conferences. When you finally reach executive level, the pressure only increases and you run the risk of burning out if you don’t take care of yourself.
If you’re reading this and thinking ‘I don’t have time to relax’ - trust me, you do. If you can make time to go that extra mile at work, you can do the same for yourself. Pampering does not need to mean a day at the spa or a long bath in the evenings – it can be a simple luxury like a 10-minute massage or a lunch hour mani. London’s top executives are experts in multi-tasking, so why not apply some of those skills to your lifestyle. With a bit of extra pampering you will be more relaxed and better able to focus on the work at hand.
  1. Treat yourself to regular express massages
When you are hunched over a computer all day the muscles in your shoulders and neck can tighten and freeze, leaving you with a slight stiffness that bothers you even when you aren’t at work. Of course, we’d all love to treat ourselves to a full body massage once a week, but that’s unrealistic. Instead, treat yourself to the odd express massage for a short term solution.
Covent Garden’s Walk-In Backrub and the Covent Garden Salon offer express treatments from 10-30 minutes long.
  1. Eat well
What you put into your body has a huge effect on how you feel. If you fill yourself with refined carbohydrates, sugar, caffeine and alcohol you will feel sluggish and tired, making you less effective in your job.
Eat organic foods with plenty of oily fish, nuts, berries and avocado. These superfoods are indulgent without being unhealthy, and will keep you feeling energised and pampered from the inside out. One Organic can deliver fresh organic produce straight to your London office!
  1. Treat your salon appointment like a meeting with an important client
Every once in a while you simply need a bit of ‘me time’, and your hair appointment is the perfect excuse. Everyone needs a haircut from time to time, so why not make a recurring appointment with your favourite hair stylist, and treat it like the client meeting that you cannot miss.
For you London executives with hair extensions, it is even more important to keep your salon appointment – you don’t want to risk losing a few locks of hair during a crucial pitch. Find a great salon such as Vixen and Blush in London - while you are having your hair washed, cut and styled, allow yourself to luxuriate in the moment and be alone with your thoughts while someone else takes care of you.
  1. Double up on your favourite products
When you are working at an executive level, you need to be the master of the ‘desk to bar’ transition. But there is something unprofessional about arriving at work with a washbag and a handbag full of products,
Make sure you are ready for anything by doubling up on your favourite make-up and hair products, so you can give yourself a quick makeover at a moment’s notice.
  1. Keep an emergency pampering kit in your desk drawer
We all have days when we want to punch the wall, scream or just have a quiet cry. Don’t let work stress get the better of you – prepare for those bad days by keeping a DIY pampering kit in your desk. This can be anything from your favourite perfume, a luxury hand cream, and a box of expensive chocolates or a massage roller. When you feel the pressure mounting, take 5 minutes to indulge yourself and you will be ready for anything.
  1. Use your lunch hour
Most of us are guilty of foregoing our lunch break and eating ‘al desko’ instead. However, by taking your full lunch hour (or even just 45minutes) and getting out of the office, you will find yourself refreshed and ready for whatever the afternoon has in store.
Use your lunch hour to catch up on some quick-fix pampering. London’s Blow Bar offers a range of hair and skin treatments in under 30 minutes – perfect for the busy executive.
  1. Fill your office with sweet scents

Aromatherapy oils have a proven ability to relax, refresh and focus the mind. Invest in a few good scented candles and let them burn for an hour each day to let the scents diffuse around your workspace and do their magic. If you aren’t allowed to have candles at your place of work, use reed diffusers or essential oils instead.


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