Saturday, December 27, 2014

Just a few from Christmas this year.. before I lose them all on my computer! We had a lovely time, and hope you did too! I know this is a mad thing to say, but I honestly can't wait until next year's Christmas now!! It is just so amazing to celebrate when you have children. I hope they never grow up!

 Definitely has the hang of present opening now!
 Thomas got his share of toys!

 This year we calmed down a little on the amount of toys we got the children, focussing on spending the day together as a family instead. Alice got a couple of wooden toys, including a doll's house and wooden cake set to throw tea parties with, and some play doh! We also got her a ton of books to read together and some puzzles. You can read more about this all in our new years resolutions which I will post up... well, in the new year!! 
 Christmas socks for dad!

 Taking it all in and happy to be in his party hat!

 Those toes!!!



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