New Years Day!

Saturday, January 03, 2015

So now that we have two children, going out on New Years' Eve is a bit tricky... However, waking up not-hungover on New Years' Day was pretty brilliant! And it meant we could celebrate the first day of the new year together as a family. I don't know why, but I just have a really good feeling about 2015! I think it's because I know our family is going to grow and change so much this year. Alice turns 3 in Feb (argh!) and it's Thomas's first year, and we all know how much babies change in the first year! Gosh, this time next year is going to be completely different to now, and I can't wait!

Some things to note from the photos:
We bought a bottle of champagne and then realised that getting tipsy with two children to look after is probably not a good idea, so barely drank it. We also don't own champagne glasses!

Alice sticking her tongue out as she concentrates on pulling the cracker... how cute?!

The roast potatoes that didn't actually go crispy, but a little bit soggy instead...

Our first family photo as a family of 4! it's about time right?!



  1. Beautiful photos looks like a great time x

  2. Looks like you had a lovely day. Happy New Year! P.s love the family photo of you all! xx

  3. Wow! How quickly is Thomas growing? You could mistake him easily for a 1 year old in your family picture!! :)
    Aww my younger daughter is 2 in less than a week so that will be more celebrations for us also!!
    I must ask though, what toothpaste do you and Dave use as your teeth are sparkling and lovely!! :-) xx



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