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Monday, January 05, 2015


Earth Friendly Baby soothing Chamomile Body Lotion: This stuff is amazing! It contains chamomile lotion but is a little lighter than the cream version. I use this on Thomas every day and it keeps his skin nice and baby soft.

Baby Powder: Of course, pretty essential. I bath Thomas every night, so this is great for drying him nice and quickly and making sure all those little creases are dry and don't rub!

Metanium: Haven't had to use this on Thomas yet, but I have used it on Alice many times when she used to get nappy rash. It works over night to reduce/ get rid of the rash and always works for us!

Johnson's baby 2in1 bubble bath and wash: Really, this is one for Alice! She wont take a bath without bubbles!!

Johnson's baby all-in-one wash: This one is for Thomas. It is completely organic with no fragrance so wont irritate the skin.

Tommie Tippee brush and scissors: These are my favs!


The little teddy squeaker is from John Lewis. Dave always says it looks dirty, but I don't know what he means... !

Mamas and Papas sell these swirly toys which you can wrap around the car seat handle of buggy, but they are so expensive. We found this one from Amazon for £6!

The teether is also from Amazon and he just loves it!

The book, ball and comforter are all John Lewis.


Faces is our favourite book and we found it on amazon. It has black and white patterns, which babies love, and very clear faces. Thomas loves staring at them.

Baby's bathtime is actually really great for teething and the coldness of the material is great against Thomas's gums!


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